What Kind Of Currency Does Aruba Use?

November 1, 2023

Although American dollars are generally accepted, the Aruban Florin is the official local currency.

What Kind of Money is Used in Aruba?

The Aruba Florin is accepted as payment on the island. Although you can convert money, it's not required. In Aruba, using American currency is normal and widely accepted. You might get change in the form of Aruba money.

What is Aruba's Current Exchange Rate?

Cash and traveler's checks are equal in value to 1.77 and 1.78 Afl, respectively, in Aruba. While many restaurants and retail establishments utilize the exchange rate of Afl 1.80, the majority of supermarkets and gas stations use Afl 1.75.

Both ATMs and Credit Cards

Traveler's checks and all major credit cards are accepted. Foreign personal checks are typically not accepted. Due to widespread counterfeiting, several establishments will not accept U.S. $50 or the U.S. $100.

Banks at more than 50 locations and in Aruba accept ATM cards with the Cirrus, MasterCard, Maestro, or Visa logos for cash withdrawals. On Monday through Friday, banks are typically open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., while some locations stay open later on Friday and on Saturday morning.

Don't forget to inform your credit card company of your travel arrangements before you depart. Otherwise, foreign allegations might be contested or rejected.

Expense of Living

The cost of living in Aruba is a little higher than in the United States. Due to Aruba's small agricultural sector and the necessity to import practically all food, groceries are a little more expensive. Prices have increased by 5–6%.


In Aruba, tipping your servers, cleaners, tour guides, and other staff members is optional but recommended. If you feel inclined, you are under no obligation to leave a tip, but 15% to 20% is common.


With more worldwide brand-name goods available in Aruba than anywhere else in the Caribbean or South America, shopping there is like entering nirvana for consumers.

You won't need to swap your US dollars for Aruba money if you're traveling with them, but you might get a change in Aruba currency if you pay with US dollars. This is not a problem; just use the Aruba currency first and send the remaining US dollars back home. As a result of the constant and simple calculated Aruba currency conversion rate, you will always be informed of your spending.

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